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Vietnam visa for Canadian travel agent

I am a Canadian travel agent and my cleints will be flying to Vietnam in March. They are leaving Canada though on the 13Jan and will be visiting Australia and New Zealand before heading to Vietnam.

I know they need a visa so my question is what is the easiet way for them to apply for it…is there a consulate in Vancouver that they can apply ahead of time……..or should they apply online…….also looking at the informationa about applying online it looks like they fill out the application wait for approval pay the fee and than once they get to Vietnam they get it stamped and pay another fee……is that correc??? and I dont see anywhere that says what the fees are………what is the fee to get it done in person at the consulate and what is it online……..thank you

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Get Vietnam visa for UK citizens. How much would this cost?

Hello, I am just enquiring about getting the one month single entry visa for two UK citizens. Can we apply once we get to Vietnam or does this need to be done in advance? How much would this cost? We will be going to Thailand first so can we get the stamp there?

Many thanks,

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How to apply Vietnam visa from Mumbai, India?

Dear Sir / Madam . .

Though I have gone thru your portal, need some information to clarify my doubt.

My daughter would be visiting for her Internship in Vietnam.

1/. Tourist visa can be given  for 1 month, if I would like to have Tourist visa more than 1 month at the time of application can it be granted else I have to apply for Business Visa ?

2/. Instead of Visa on arrival, same can be given at the time of departure ?

3/. In order to get Vietnam visa stamped on your passport at Vietnam Airport, possibly it can be stamped while departure.

Best  Regards . . .

Parkar Avinash
India – Mumbai

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Vietnam Visas Information for Republic of Moldova citizens

Hello Dear Sirs,

Could You please, inform us what is the procedure of visa issue and fee, on arrival, for Republic of Moldova citizens, traveling by plain !

Thank You in advance,
Waiting for a prompt reply .

Natalya Eshanu

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Apply Vietnam visa tourist from Cambodia

Please I need information about TOURIST visa on arrival.
I’ll come from Cambodia (Kaam Samnor), is it possible to get visa in Vinh Xuong?
I’d like visit Vietnam for one month.

Thank you for your answer
Kind regards
Silvia Baldi

Vietnam visa for Bhutanese citizen

I am from Bhutan nationality. Currently i am here in Bangkok, Thailand. So i am looking forward to make a 1 weed travel to Vietnam. So could you please let me know the processing time and fees and all.

Thank you.

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Question about visa date

Hi Sales,
I have a ticket to be arrived in HaNoi on the 1st for December.  I might have to change my flight earlier (maybe 30th of Nov).  Currently, I am not sure until yet. Can I apply for the Vietnam visa for arriving date on the 30th Nov even though my flight ticket is on the 1st of December?  Is this ok?



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Vietnam visa procedures for Italian citizens

Dear Sirs,

On your web-site you told to write you directly.

We have 3 clients, coming to Vietnam by flight on 3jan and leaving on 20jan. They are Italian citizens on tourism purpose.

I read that they can apply visa on arrival; which are the procedures, what do they need to take with them and the cost?

Is it advisable/better to apply visa before departure?

Thanks and best regards


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How to apply Vietnam visa for 1 year?


I want to apply for a Visa to Vietnam but I want 1yr visa.   What do I need in order to apply for 1year instead of one month with multiple entry?


Thai Minh

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Visa arrival times?


I want to sort out my Visa approval letter before i travel Asia Vietnam wont be my first stop and I am unsure of exact dates I will be arriving.
My question is if I apply for a Visa from 1st december till 1st of January, am I able to land in Vietnam anytime between those dates?


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