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Business Visa – Vietnam

Dear Ms. Hayley Nguyen

Hereby I would like to ask for your advice regarding the Business Visa.

My company in Vietnam have applied for a Business Visa in Vietnam and the Visa code will be send to the Vietnamese Embassy in Bangkok

1.       What documents would I require and how long will it take before the Business Visa is completed?

2.       Are there any other charges involved?

Be well

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Visa Vietnam for Philippine passport holders

My friends and I are planning on a trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in June 2017 for a couple of days and then on to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap in Cambodia for another 2 – 3 days and go back to Saigon for our flight back to Manila, Philippines; we are all Philippine passport holders. Under these circumstances, are we required multiple entry Vietnam Visas to enter the country?

Thanks for your advice. Sincerely,

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Vietnam visa for United Kingdom Passport

I would like to enquire about the procedure involved in obtaining a Vietnam visa on my arrival to Vietnam by air. What fees and processes am I required to undertake?

Thank you

– Hayden Douglas

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Certification from Embassy

My friends and I are planning to ride our small motorbikes to Vietnam and would like to know if you can issue a letter confirming that we will ride out of the country before our visa expire. As according to many forum online, custom officer at border will require this document.
Thank you very much
Best Regards,
Arnik S.

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Applying for a visa Vietnam in China

I am a British citizen living and working in Beijing but there is not an option to select residency in mainland China or Macau. Why is this and what should I do instead? I can state my UK residency but do not want my visa to be sent there.

Many thanks,


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Visa Vietnam for Germans, 12 days

Dear all,
My friend and me (Both have german passport) plan our holidays in Vietnam. We will arrive 3.10 and leave on 12.10. Both from Hanoi by plane. In total 9days.
Just recently we read that we don’t need a Visa.
Is that correct?

Thanks for your reply in advance!

Best regards
Gabi Wischer

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How would I go about purchasing a visa for my time there?


I will be backpacking in south east asia from 2nd November. Vietnam will be one of the countries I’ll be visiting. I have no dates as to when I will enter or leave the country but I plan on entering by bus or train. How would I go about purchasing a visa for my time there? I envisage staying there for at least 2 weeks.


Leon Marley

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Do i need a Vietnam visa or not?

Dears. I m French living in Thailand. I go to Vietnam in September for 2 weeks. Do i need a visa or not?

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Visa on arrival. What would the procedure be to accomplish this?

This is David Eisenrich,  and I am currently traveling through southeast Asia. Two friends and I were hoping to travel to Vietnam in the next couple days through air. Looking up the visa requirements,  it appears a visa on arrival is possible. What would the procedure be to accomplish this? We are flying back to the United States from Bangkok on the 17th of September, so we would be in Vietnam for about one week.
With kind regards,
David and friends.

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Visa needed? I’m Spanish, my wife from the UK

Good evening Ms. Pham

It looks like I’m arriving from Laos into Hanoi on 9th November and leaving from Ho Chi Minh on 24th November

Exactly 15 nights

This means for Spanish or UK nationals no visa required , right?

Kind regards


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