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Question: Australian citizen for business trip

We are making this inquiry on behalf of our client who is a citizen of Australia.

What kind of visa dose he need, business visa, e-visa, or arrinal visa?

His purpose of tips is to attend a business meeting.

Thank you for your help.

Best regards,

In General Questions | Asked by Nissan Travel Centre | August 28, 2019

Question: Request information Vietnam visa

I am a Belgian citizen and I will come in Vietnam next November during 3 weeks.
Could you explain me how to do to have the touristic visa for one month with single entry?
Thank you for your help!

Best regards,


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Question: Please confirm Entry Requirements for British citizens

Hi Cindy,

We are all British citizens.  Looking at the website it seems a Visa is not needed for my Mum and sister, who are visiting in October 2019 for less than 15 days and will be in Vietnam only, but please confirm.

My wife and I are going next February (2020). We will got to Ho Chi Min City for a few days, do some touring outside Vietnam and return for a few days. As we have more than one entry, albeit the total time spent in Vietnam will be  less than 15 days, I presume we will need a VISA, but please confirm.

Thanks for your help.

Regards – Julian

In General Questions | Asked by | August 14, 2019

Question: We are in 2 Italian citizens. The questions are: Visa and driving license.

We are in 2 Italian citizens, on August 10 we will go to Vietnam for tourism coming from Vientiane by plane,

The questions are:
1. If we are in Vietnam up to 15 days, do we need a visa?
2. Do we need to fill in any other documents before arriving?
3. If we leave Vietnam on a long boat in Mekong to Cambodia, do I necessarily have to have the boat ticket to show when I arrive in Vietnam?  That is, do I have to have an exit ticket from Vietnam when I enter?
4. It possible to rent a car and drive on the streets of Vietnam?

Thank you

Alma Bignotti
From Italy

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Question: I need apply Visa Application

Good afternoon Sir/Madame

My name is Andrew currently working in Beijing, China, I have tried to search on the web for what requirements i would need to collect in order to apply for a tourist Visa to Vietnam. I also tried to search for a current location for the Vietnam Embassy so that i can go there for any further inquiries.

If i can be assisted on information for requirements for the tourist visa and the best way to apply; online (please forward me a link) or at the physical Embassy (please forward me a current address in Beijing|). Any information provided will be greatly appreciated.

Regards Andrew.

Question: Can I pay via Western Union?


I have a question regarding payment method. My friend tried to pay for my visa application with her visa credit card, but it wouldn’t work. I’m not sure why. Therefore, I’d like to pay via Western Union myself and have printed out the information for where to send the funds. However, I noticed that there was a message saying that you accepted Western Union from “any bank which uses Western Union”. I don’t believe any of the banks in my city use Western Union, but there is a Western Union office at a local business. Would this by okay? Thanks!!

In General Questions | Asked by Ronald Brent Scott | July 9, 2019

Question: Get a Vietnam visa multiple or single entry

Hello! i’m from Spain. I’m going to visit Vietnam on August 2nd. Then i am flying to Cambodia on 15th and i’m returning to Vietnam on 19th. I’m going back to Spain on 23rd. Do I need a multi entry Visa or I can get a single visa because in the fist visit i’m staying less than 15 days? Thank you so much.

In General Questions | Asked by |

Question: Business visa


Would you please help to check how to apply business visa in Shanghai? How long does it take?

In General Questions | Asked by yanxing dai | May 31, 2019

Question: Visa multiple entry Spanish

Dear Sir,
I am Spanish and today 31 may I arrive to Vietnam. At first, I didn’t consider leave Vietnam during my trip, (13 days), so I was applying for visa exceptions since the trip is less than 15 days and only 1 entry.
However, A friend from Cambodia told me to visit her, so I may visit Cambodia next week to visit a friend. Can I enter tomorrow to Vietnam and apply for the multiple entries visa in Vietnam, less than a month??.
I was considering going to Cambodia from the 7-10 june.
The 11 I have the flight back to Hanoi.

Thank you

Question: Can I change the entry/exit time?

Dear Sir/Madam,

We want to apply Vietnam Visa online, but I have not decided the exact time to go. Can we just use an approximate time to apply and may change the time to go there?

In General Questions | Asked by Ann Wang | May 22, 2019