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Vietnam Business Visa

You are about to take a business trip to Vietnam, you obviously need a business visa to conduct the business activities under Vietnam legislation. In Vietnam, a business visa is also known as a DN visa which is issued for those who work or cooperate with Vietnamese enterprises.

The requirements to get Vietnam business visa (DN visa)

To obtain a business visa (DN visa), you need to prepare the required documents as follows.

  • Your passport with 6 month validity (at least) and two bank pages for Vietnam’s visa stamp and immigration stamp.
  • Two passport photos.
  • Vietnam visa application which can be filled online here if you decide to use our service.
  • Sponsorship letter from a licensed company in Vietnam.

How many types of Vietnam business visa (DN visa)?

As mentioned above, the business visa which is categorized as DN is a short-time visa, there are 4 main types based on the length of stay and number of entries:

  • Multiple entry, valid one month;
  • Multiple entry, valid three months;
  • Single entry, valid one month;
  • Single entry, valid three months;

Vietnam business visa cost & Processing time

The method you choose to get a business visa will decide the visa cost and processing time also.

Evisa: No business option available.

Visa at Vietnam Embassy and Consulate: The cost and time of processing is not public, kindly contact the embassy you plan to work with to find out how much it costs and how long it takes as well.

Visa on arrival: There are two types of fee you have to follow.

  • Service fee: It is paid online to process the pre-approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department and sent via your email
  • Stamp fee: It is paid in cash upon arrival at Vietnam international airport.

Both service and stamp fee are based on the type of visa you choose, please take a look at this table below for information.

Type of visa Service fee Stamping fee
1 month single entry 90 USD 25 USD
1 month multiple entry 95 USD 50 USD
3 months single entry 120 USD 25 USD
3 months multiple entry 135 USD 50 USD

For the processing time, the normal processing is 5-7 working days to get the pre-approval letter. If you wish to do it faster, urgent service is recommended.

How to apply Vietnam Business Visa?

There are two main ways to obtain this type of visa, including visa on arrival and visa at Vietnam embassy.

  • Visa on arrival (no sponsorship letter is required): We can support you to get a business DN visa, please apply here.
  • Visa at Vietnam Embassy and Consulate (the sponsorship letter is required): Kindly contact Vietnam Embassy for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply Business Visa?

Business visa is also known as a DN visa which is issued for those who work or cooperate with Vietnamese enterprises.

How long in advance should I apply for a visa?

Normally, the approval letter is processed and emailed to you within five (05) to seven (07) business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays).
Note: The above processing time does not apply for Friday afternoon (after 12.00 PM) + Saturday and Sunday. Please consider the time difference between Vietnam and your country. For current Vietnam time, please click here.

Note: the visa counter at Vietnam airport is 24/7 open so if you already have the approval letter, you can still pick up your visa at Vietnam airport on weekend.

What is a sponsorship letter?

The sponsorship letter is one issued by Vietnamese enterprise/company/partner which you are working with. In this letter, there will be applicant’s information, date of entry, visa type, the name and stamp of sponsor. This is the sample (click here) to find out what it looks like.

If your company in Vietnam can provide it, you can surely obtain the business visa. Otherwise, you can ask for the support from us, the reputed visa service agent with 15 year experience.

What is the visa process if I can provide the sponsorship letter?

In case you can provide this letter, kindly send us the following documents to submit your visa application:

  • The sponsorship letter with sign and stamp of your business enterprise/company/partner
  • The draft of working program
  • The introduction letter
  • The Notarized Business Registration of the company in Vietnam
  • The Notarized Stamp Registration of the company in Vietnam

Can I get a business visa without the sponsorship letter?

Yes, of course you can. Just need to apply online with us and then we can do the rest to get the business pre-approval letter.

Is it possible to extend my business visa?

Yes, you can. Just note that visa extension has different procedures, therefore, kindly check with us before your visa expiration.

Can I change my tourist visa into business while I am in Vietnam?

It is not available at this time; however, under new Immigration laws which will be applied from 1 July 2020, you can renew visa type in Vietnam.