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3 month multi entry

Dear Sirs,

I want to select a 3 month multi entry Visa on arrival.

But I do not ca select this kind of visa at your internet side.

Please give me a back information how I can get this kind of Visa

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Best Regards

Thomas Lang

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How to apply 3 months multiple entry business visa ?

Hi. Will you be able to arrange a 3 months multiple entry business visa for me. I am an American citizen based in Cambodia. I have visited Vietnam before. What are your fees?

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How to apply visa for Myanmar passport holder ?

Your name: Ayi Ayi Phyoe
Nationality: Myanmar
Your message: I working at Singapore, permanent resident pass holder and my daughter is student pass holder. I want to go holiday to Vietnum so we need to apply visa or no need to apply visa? IF need to apply Visa how to apply visa and I want to go at August 2015 so need to take how long to apply Visa.

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Applying for business multiple entry visa for 3 or 6 months ?

Hi Vietnam Visa,

If applying for business multiple entry visa for 3 or 6 months, what are the requirements?


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What does the assistant service do?

Do i need the “assistant service” when applying for a visa and what does the assistant service do?
Jeh-jeh hayen
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How to apply Vietnam visa in Shanghai, China ?

I’m from the UK, living and working in Shanghai. I want to obtain a Visa from the embassy to travel to Vietnam. What do I need to do. Telephone message says fill in an application form, however I do not see any online? Do I need to fill in an application form before i come to the embassy?

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I will stay in HN for 30 days. How to apply Vietnam visa for this period?

I’m looking to enter Hanoi and stay for the 30 day visa time period, as I understand I can only apply first for a 30 day visa. then leave and visit Laos then re enter Vietnam, is this possible?
If so what do I need to do this and how much are the visa fees?

Thank you.

Caroline hall

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Apply visa application for Australian ?


I am looking at coming to Vietnam at the end of the month and would like to get a Visa.
I am Australian, but I am currently in Spain, so I would like to apply online for the arrival stamp Visa.
Is this possible and how much does the Visa cost?

Thank you for your time.

Dave Schlitz

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Vietnam Visa renewal for Moroccan passport holder

I am Darin from the USA.  I am in Hanoi now with a 3 month business visa.  My cousin (Moroccan passport holder) and I came to Hanoi together by air and got a visa by arrival on October 17th, 2014.  We both would like to extend our visas another three months to remain in Vietnam.  We got multiple entry visas but would like to switch to single entry if possible.  What is the procedure and costs for extending the visas and when should we apply (I assume a few days before January 17th is ok?)

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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How to extend visa Vietnam for Brunei Darussalam ?

Dear Sir/Madam,

Nationality: Brunei Darussalam

My 3mth visa expires early February 2015.
My last entry was on 21st Dec 2014. Can you advice me if i can still extend my visa? (I understand that there are new visa laws introduced on 1st Jan 2015)

Best Regards,


Best Regards,
Jaylevie Tan
Chief Executive Officer

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