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Question: Visa multiple entry Spanish

Dear Sir,
I am Spanish and today 31 may I arrive to Vietnam. At first, I didn’t consider leave Vietnam during my trip, (13 days), so I was applying for visa exceptions since the trip is less than 15 days and only 1 entry.
However, A friend from Cambodia told me to visit her, so I may visit Cambodia next week to visit a friend. Can I enter tomorrow to Vietnam and apply for the multiple entries visa in Vietnam, less than a month??.
I was considering going to Cambodia from the 7-10 june.
The 11 I have the flight back to Hanoi.

Thank you

In General Questions | Asked by Sergio Linares | May 31, 2019

Question: Can I change the entry/exit time?

Dear Sir/Madam,

We want to apply Vietnam Visa online, but I have not decided the exact time to go. Can we just use an approximate time to apply and may change the time to go there?

In General Questions | Asked by Ann Wang | May 22, 2019

Question: Vietnam tourist visa

Hi ,

I am Turkish national and want to visit Vietnam for a week starting this Sunday 26 May ,can you provide an express visa if i apply today ?

Question: Get visa on arrival

Hi there ,

I am a Srilankan and hope to visit Vietnam on 21 of May. So I need to get the tourist visa on arrival for 30 days.
As a Srilankan, is there any issues to get the visa approve letter within 8 hours.

Thank you very much

Question: I want to have the sticker visa before arrival

I just filled out info online for a visa & paid $16, but am confused about next steps. I thought I was to receive the visa prior to arrival in Vietnam, but too confusing with what to do now. Do I still need to fill out and print the application in # 2? Is there an option to apply by mail by sending in the application & passport? I want to have the sticker visa before arrival.

In Visa on arrival | Asked by Rosemari Todd | May 14, 2019

Question: Cruise Ship Visa

Hi, I will be visiting Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City – on a cruise for one day, how do I obtain a visa prior to arrival, or can I obtain a visa on arrival?


Question: Require a transit visa?

Hello, My client had a schedule change with Singapore airlines. He was flying directly from Siem Reap to Singapore. He has now been re routed via Danang with a 40 minute re fuel transit. He is a Australian passport holder, will he require a transit visa?

In Transit visa | Asked by Rachael | April 12, 2019

Question: Entering Vietnam by Train

Hello,  I visiting Vietnam in my and thinking of entering the country by train via China. How should i get my visa Vietnam?

Thank you.

Best Regards

Question: Social Visit Visa for Chinese Nationals working in Singapore

We are organizing a company holiday to Ho Chi Minh in August. We like to know the procedure & cost to obtaining a visa (in Singapore) for our Chinese national colleagues. Please also advise expiry of visa so that we can time when we should apply for it.



Question: I have a Vietnamese wife and I wish to stay in Vietnam for long term. How can I do it.

I have a Vietnamese wife and I wish to stay in Vietnam for long term. How can I do it? I am Singapore citizen and we were married in Singapore.