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About how to get a visa to visit Vietnam ?


I would like to ask some questions about how to get a visa to visit Vietnam.

I need two single entry visas (for two people from Lithuania, Europe) for a short stay (11 days, leisure).

How do we get the invitations letter and visa at the airport. And how much does it cost for two people?

Pagarbiai / Best regards,

Ms Elena Jonaityte

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Best options and what will be the costs for the Visas we require

Good Afternoon,

We have a couple of questions that we need to resolve to ascertain the costs for the following Vietnam visas –

1. Our current Visas expire on the 9th November 2014 and our departure from Vietnam will be on the 24th November 2014.

2. We will return to Vietnam in the middle of January 2015 and will require 3 month multiple entry Visas.

Please advise our best options and what will be the costs for the Visas we require.

Many Thanks


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Advice for Vietnam visa on arrival ?

I want to know if my customer is unsure about the date he/she entering Vietnam is it ok to just put in a tentative date on the date if arrival section?


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Visas on entry into Vietnam ?

I am traveling to Hanoi in October and have noticed a number of sites offering “Landed Visas”my question is are these safe sites to apply and is there a Government site offering these Visas on entry into Vietnam ?
Kind regards,
Bill Patten

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How do I apply Vietnam visa from Bangkok?

Dear Madam/Sir,

I would like to make an inquiry regarding the VISA requirements and procedure if coming from Bangkok.

I am of italian nationapity and I am planning a one month trip to Bangkok for next year. I would be flying from Rome, Italy to Bangkok and would like to spend a week in Vietnam in between. Is the procedure different in this case, being that I’m not coming directly from Italy?

How do I apply?

Does this affect the Thai Visa if I exit and return to Bangkok for my flight back home?

I thank you in advance for any information you can provide me with.

Best regards,

Vincent Magliulo

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Getting Business Visa to Vietnam

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I am a Singapore citizen with a Singapore registered company and would like to do business in Vietnam.

As such may I have more information on the following matter;

(1) The types of business visa I should apply for and the requirements?

(2) Business registration procedure?

Thank you


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Visa question (Elisabeth Chardon)

Dear Vietnamvisa

We are planning to visit Vietnam late December 2014, but do not know exactly on which date we will enter Vietnam. How should we state this on the visa application form? Should we give the earliest possible date? Is it permitted to enter Vietnam on another date than the one stated on the visa application?

Please advise. Thank you,
Elisabeth Chardon

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Visa for Italian citizen

Hi there, I will travel to Vietnam from China on 1st October til 8th October for tourism. Do I need to get a visa in advance or can I get it upon arrival at the airport? I am an Italian citizen, is there any particular indication or procedure?

Looking forward to your prompt reply!

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Vietnam Visa for Costa Rican

Dear Vietnam visa, We would like to know who to obtain a Visa to travel to Vietnam.  What does Costa Rican need to enter the country.

Thank you for your help


Miller García Matamoros

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VOA at Da Nang

Can I pick up Visa to Vietnam on arrival (VOA) in Da Nang? Thanks Anh Le