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How to get Visa Vietnam for Brazil citizen?


My name is Rodrigo Stefanini, I’m a Brazilian student who is living in Singapore.

I want to visit Vietnam in the early October, so I’d like to understand how can I take the tourist visa.

Thanks very much,

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How to get Visa Vietnam for German tourist?

I was reading the good news about entering 15 days without visa. Then I saw your Note:

Note: You still need a visa to enter Vietnam for periods of 15 days and longer and if you wish to re-enter Vietnam within 30 days of their …
Do you mean period of 16 days and longer? Or do I have to have a visa already for staying only 15 days??

Best regards
Dieter Moormann

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What do you recommmend I do in terms of Vietnam visas?


I’m going travelling from the 3rd of october around south east asia and am wanting to go to vietnam for a month, maybe more, I don’t know my exact arrival date but it will be sometime around december, but it could be a different time, what do you recommend I do in terms of visas?

Thomas James Reeve

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What do I need to do for a tourist visa?

Hi I am interested in visiting Vietnam this weekend to see colleagues.  I am U.S. citizen and working in Singapore for a few weeks.  What do I need to do for a tourist visa? I read on the Internet that I can actually apply on arrival at the airport once I arrive in Ho Chi Minh airport?

Scott Kenney

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Get Vietnam visa for UK Passport Holder


I am traveling to HCMC next week. I am a UK passport holder.

I notice on your website that UK passport holders do not require a visa for a trip less than 15 days. Can you confirm this?
When i arrive at the airport in HCMC can i proceed directly to immigration without any visa application?
Do i need to provide photos or pay any fees?

Yours sincerely
John Connolly

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Free entry visa single 15 days – Italian Nationals

Dear Sirs,

Many tks for your news.
Our company migth also need to use free single entry visa.
Please inform what kind of procedure much be followed by the passenger to benefit this opportunity.
Thank you best regards

Dario Gozzini

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Visa for USA citizen

I would like to know how USA citizen can obtain visa to visit your Country within 15 days and how much?


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Passport being renewed

My husband\’s passport is currently being renewed. Can I still apply for visa with his old passport number and details. The new passport will be different details. We are travelling into Vietnam in May 2015 by bus from Cambodia.

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Apply Visa for a Taiwan Passport


Please advise what is the procedure , possibility and fees for applying VISA to Vietnam for a Taiwan passport? Is it possible to apply online or in Singapore?

Look forward to your reply soonest.

Thank you
Helen Lim

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How to get 5 Year Visa Vietnam ?

I need to get 2 Visa for Vietnam – 1 applicant has a British passport and 1 has a New Zealand passport. I have been told I can obtain a 5 year Visa, is that correct?

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