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Question: We are in 2 Italian citizens. The questions are: Visa and driving license.

We are in 2 Italian citizens, on August 10 we will go to Vietnam for tourism coming from Vientiane by plane,

The questions are:
1. If we are in Vietnam up to 15 days, do we need a visa?
2. Do we need to fill in any other documents before arriving?
3. If we leave Vietnam on a long boat in Mekong to Cambodia, do I necessarily have to have the boat ticket to show when I arrive in Vietnam?  That is, do I have to have an exit ticket from Vietnam when I enter?
4. It possible to rent a car and drive on the streets of Vietnam?

Thank you

Alma Bignotti
From Italy

In General Questions | Asked by | August 14, 2019


Dear Alma Bignotti,

Thank you for your interest in our service.

We would like to inform that Italy passport holder are exempted for Vietnam visa within 15 days. To enjoy free visa policy, the new entry date must be at least 30 days apart from your last exiting date in Vietnam using visa exemption. If the time distance is less than 30 days, you still need to get a new visa.

Hence, kindly check your last entry date carefully and confirm us soon in the case you cannot enjoy visa free.

In addition, when you enter Vietnam by air, you can exit by another transport and you do not need to buy ticket and show when you landing. In case you want to rent a car, you need to ask the our partner - Eviva Tour Vietnam, we do not provide this kind of service.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Cindy Ha