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When should you issue a new Vietnam visa?

May 07, 2021

As a foreigner, you want to extend your temporary stay in Vietnam because your visa period is about to expire.

Visa extension or renewal service can satisfy your needs without leaving Vietnam. Most visa extensions or one-time entry visa renewal only allow you to stay in Vietnam longer without re-entering, if you leave Vietnam before the expiration date, which means you have to apply again for a New Vietnam visa in case you want to return to Vietnam. When should you issue a new Vietnam visa? For reasons of safety and compliance with Vietnamese law, we strongly advise you to renew your Vietnam visa application at least 1 week before your visa expires to ensure that you are not fined a overdue fee. There are several options to renew your Vietnam visa, such as extension or renewing a visa without leaving Vietnam or getting a visa through Vietnam’s international airports or the most popular way, at the land border of Moc Bai border, the Vietnam and Cambodia border whether you choose one of these services.

The fastest way to renew Vietnam visa

When you need to renew a Vietnam visa, choosing the best option depends on your time, nationality, current visa type, documents you can provide to prove your entry purpose, Visa extension purpose and duration you need, to extend or renew your Vietnam visa. In general, there are 3 ways to renew a Vietnam visa as follows:

  1. Renew your Vietnam visa by using Visa extension service or Visa Renewal right in Vietnam without leaving;
  2. New issuing Vietnam visa via international border gate in Moc Bai, your new visa can be completed in just one day. This is very popular and convenient for foreigners residing in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces;
  3. New issued Vietnamese visa upon exit and receive Vietnam visa upon arrival at an international airport or overseas Vietnamese embassy / consulate. This is quite expensive and only suitable for those who have a pre-exist plan and combine the trip to apply for a new Vietnam visa.

When should you get a new Vietnam visa – How to do it?

Renewing a Vietnam visa with a visa extension service or renewing a visa right in Vietnam without exit should extend it at least one week before Vietnam visa expiration. Your original passport is kept at the exit entry to Vietnam during processing time.

Meanwhile, the new visa issuance upon exit and applying for a new Vietnam visa at Vietnam’s international airport or overseas Vietnamese embassy / consulate can be processed at any time, as long as you have to leave the country before your visa expires and determine your intended date of entry into Vietnam

Requirements and procedures of three ways to renew a Vietnam visa

The requirements and procedures of the three ways issuing a Vietnam visa are quite different from each other, let’s start the journey to understand the Vietnam visa extension requirements and procedures.

1/. Newly issued Vietnam visa in Vietnam without leaving

The procedure for a new Vietnam visa applying, instead of leaving Vietnam, takes 5 to 7 working days to get a new visa, requires you to just hand over the following documents to us and wait for the new Vietnamese visa.

Personal documents

  • Current passport original;
  • Valid Original Vietnamese visa
  • Copy of the latest Vietnamese entry stamp and the name of the Vietnamese entering port;
  • The original or a copy of the residence registration certificate certified by the local police where you are temporarily residing in Vietnam;

Company profile application for entry to work, business, investment

  • All application form for visa extension or visa renewal must be signed and stamped by legal representative of the company;
  • Notarized copy of legal entity

Legal entity: Company Limited, Joint Stock Company and Representative Office in Vietnam

  • Notarized copy of Business Registration Certificate, Investment Registration Certificate or Representative Office Establishment;
  • Notarized copy of seal registration certificate and Certificate of tax code registration (if any);
  • Notarized copy of Vietnamese work permit or work permit exemption (for persons granted work permits in Vietnam);

2/. New issuance Vietnam visa across international land border or Vietnam’s international airport and overseas embassy / consulate

The procedure of new issuance Vietnam visa, applies for all types of visas of Vietnam including tourist visa, working visa, business visa, investment visa. Applying for a visa at Moc Bai border gate (land border), international airports and Vietnamese embassies / consulates abroad needs to complete two following steps:

The first step: Apply for a new visa approval letter, please confirm and provide the information and documents below:

  • Your next entering date to Vietnam (this is your scheduled date of arrival and you cannot enter before it, it’s only accepted on or after the date of arrival)
  • Vietnam visa recipients
  • Duration / duration of Vietnam visa you want to apply for [1 month or 3 months, once or many times]
  • For entry purposes such as business, working, or investment, please provide these company documents: notarized copies of business registration certificate, or investment registration certificate ,or Representative office establishment and notarized copy of Seal Registration Certificate and all visa application forms must be signed and sealed by the legal representative of the company

The second step: Apply for / receive a Vietnam visa at Moc Bai border gate or Vietnam’s international airport or overseas embassy / consulate to complete your new visa. This is the final step applying for both cases of completing Vietnamese visa application procedures; Applicants must prepare the following documents in advance:

  • Your original passport must be valid for six months from your intended arrival date and must contain at least one blank visa page;
  • 2 passport sized photos (4×6 cm);
  • Original visa approval letter if your visa recipient is Moc Bai border gate, copy of visa approval letter for visa on arrival at Vietnam airport or embassy / consulate
  • Complete immigration application;

Prepare the visa stamp fee depending on the time / visa  validity and the single or multiple entry visa, the visa fee is paid in cash upon arrival.