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Vietnam – a global tourist destination

February 28, 2014

VietnVietnam - a global tourist destinationam ranks 41st on the list of the most popular countries in the world to visit, unveiled by – the ultimate resource for people who want to move abroad.

Receiving approximately 6 million foreign visitors every year, Vietnam is among the top 50 attractive tourist destinations globally.

It stands just behind Japan (with 6.2 million) and ahead of Australia (5.9 million), Argentina (5.7 million), and Brazil (5.4 million).

Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia are the only three countries in Southeast Asia placed on the top 50 venue list, with Thailand positioned 15th and Indonesia 31st.

France is the world’s biggest tourist destination, receiving more than 81.4 million visitors, or nearly 20 million more than the US, even though the latter is over 15 times the size of the former.

China comes in third with 57.6 million visitors, followed by Spain (56.7 million), Italia (46.1 million), Turkey (34 million), the UK (29.3 million), Germany (28.4 million), Russia (24.9 million), and Malaysia (24.7 million). ranks 165 countries in the world.

(Source: VOV)

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