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Visa exemption for Russian ?

I am a Russian living in China, so do enjoy the Vietnam visa exemption for Russian for 15 days? Is it a problem if you enter by land?

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Visa Vietnam for entry by land/sea ?

I plan to visit Vietnam from Cambodia via land border, can I apply visa on arrival as normal on your website ?

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Transit via Vietnam airports ?

The below is my flight itinerary:
VN 144 T 13AUG 2 LGWHAN HK3       N  1310 0645+1
VN 781 T 14AUG 3 HANMEL HK3          1600 0835+1
I have a question: do I need to get the visa. Note that I only transit in Ha Noi for 10 hours.
Looking forward to your reply soon. Thanks.

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When to apply and assistance service ?

Dear sales team,

I am going to Vietnam in November and I would like to apply on your website for a a visa on arrival.  Is it ok to do it now or should I do it closer to November?

I am flying to Ho Chi Minh (SGN). May I ask how many queues should I do at the airport to get the visa and, on average, how long does it take to complete all the procedures?


Katherine Fielding

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Not sure the exact date of entry ?

I am traveling to Vietnam on standby and I am not definite on the arrival time at the airport or even the day. Will this be a problem.

Thank you for your help.

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What if use the new passport after getting the Vietnam visa?

Hi! I would like to apply for a multiple entries visa of 3 months… I plan to go in 10 days for a week, but the week after, i will go to my country in Canada and i need a new passport because i have no more page… Can i use my multiple entries visa in my old passport??? Because if not…. i will apply for a simple entry… Thank you!

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Visa photo

My passport taken in Australia professional booth has Light green back ground. Is it acceptable or just in case any trouble at Ho Chi Minh airport? Can I take Photo there?

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