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Swedish Embassy improves visa services

June 20, 2014

The Swedish Embassy in Hanoi and VFS Global have agreed to jointly improve services available to those applying for a visa to the country, due to an increasing demand from the Vietnamese for traveling to Europe.

Swedish Embassy improves visa services

A visa application form to enter the northern European nation can be submitted at the VFS Global office in Hanoi from June 17 and in Ho Chi Minh City from June 24. Relevant information and services will be provided to the applicants, who will receive passport and visa decisions within 15 days.

At a June 17 signing ceremony in the capital, Swedish Ambassador Camilla Mellander said VFS offices in the major cities of Vietnam will act as useful service suppliers that make it easier for visa applicants.

All details are available at the VFS’s website, while questions will be cleared up through telephone or email.

Residence and work permits must be applied for directly at the Swedish Embassy in Hanoi or through Ho Chi Minh City-based Swedish Consulate.

The online application form is always prioritised.

There are about 15,000 Vietnamese citizens living and studying in Sweden.

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