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Question: Visa extension for Mark Morton

Good Morning,

Could you please advise option for a visa extension for Mark Morton. My husband’s visa expires on 3 May and he is no longer working, so we would like a one month extension for travelling. Can you arrange this and what is required.

Kerry Morton
Hanoi, Vietnam

In Visa extension | Asked by Kerry Morton | March 31, 2014


Dear Kerry Morton,

Thank you for your email.

Could you please let us know your husband's current visa is new visa getting on Feb when you came back from KL or extended visa?




It was an extended Visa his company arranged that was supposed to be for 3 months from 23 February but as you can see it is from 11 Feb to 3 May so I don’t know what happened.

Photo in next email.




Thank you Kerry,

During the validity of this visa (11 Feb to 3 May), if I am not wrong, he left out Vietnam on Mar to Australia and came back, right?

He can extend for 1 month single entry with the fee of USD 110 for traveling Vietnam. We just need the passport like last time extension. Let us know if you agree with this service.

Best regards,