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4 kinds of tour you shoud not book online

March 12, 2015

With the development of internet, visitors today can easily prepare for their upcoming trip. Besides, they can also quickly book service with one click. However, according to many professionals in the travel profession, there are four types of tour that visitors should not book via the internet. Let’s find out with EVIVA TOUR VIETNAM.



  1. Cruise tour

So far, book tour with traditional methods at travel agent is still the best choice for those who want to travel by sea. There are two reasons to explain this:

First, the cruise owner will give travel agents the price that you’ll not find anywhere else.

Second, selecting the cruise vacation requires so many complicated tasks. Guests must purchase tickets, reservations, location and many other services on cruise.

So, to save time and money, you should go to travel companies for specific advice and help you to decide. Often on a cruise, the travel agent will always book a series of slots on the cruise and divide into different service packages.

Just because the company has rented out all slots on cruise so if traveler book online the answer will be “sold out”. In the meantime, if you book through a travel company, the answer will be “available”.

  1. Travel around the world

Similar to cruise, travel around the world is a lot more complicated than booking the direct or roundtrip flight ticket. With schedule of flights around the world, starting and ending point usually at the same city and always fly in one direction (East to West).

With this kind of trip, you often have to follow many complex rules. In addition, visitors must plan where to stay, places to visit.

So booking through travel companies are still a smart choice for this type of tour.

  1. Tour with dangerous elements.

Traveler who participating in tour have many risk factors as hiking, explore the dangerous terrain, difference of climate should be careful in choosing travel agent to ensure safety for the trip.

In addition, traveling to a country where little known also be considered as risky problem because many costs and risks that cannot be all prepared. So if you’re booking online, the trip costs may be higher than your plan.

  1. Traveling on special occasions

Honeymoon, anniversary, reunion are deserved to spend time for booking with traditional methods. During special occasions, travel agent can help travelers to make their vacation becomes perfect with the professional service and organizational experience.