Vietnam Embassy in Japan

Vietnam Embassy in Japan is considered to be the official representative office to communicate between Vietnamese Government and that of Japan. The major information about Vietnam Embassy in Japan and how to apply visa there are as follows:

Embassy of Vietnam in Japan

Add: Tokyo 151-0062, Shibuya-ku, Motoyoyogi-cho 50-11
Tel: +81-3-3466-3311; +81-3-3466-3313; +81-3-3481-6354
Fax: +81-3-3466-7652; +81-3-3466-3391

Consulate of Vietnam in Fukuoka, JAPAN

Add:  4th Floor, AQUA HAKATA, 5-3-8 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka, JAPAN 810-0801
Tel: +81-92-263-7668; +81-92-263-7669; +81-80-3984-6668; +81-80-4279-7302
Fax: +81-92-263-7676

Consulate of Vietnam in Osaka, JAPAN

Add: 4-2-15 Ichinocho Higashi, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka 590-0952, JAPAN
Tel: +81-72-221-6666; +81-6-6261-7462
Fax: +81-72-221-6667; +81-6-6261-7461; +81-72-221-6669

Citizens or residents in Japan can choose either one of the following options to apply for a Vietnam visa:

Option 1: Apply for a Vietnam visa directly in person at Vietnam Embassy in Japan.

Option 2: Apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival if you are traveling to Vietnam by air and it is not convenient for you to go to the Embassy/Consulate. In such cases that you wish to get visa stamped at Vietnam Embassy, kindly contact the agency you applied the visa on arrival with for further support.